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YOU all shared the ♥ and YOU helped us reach 200 likes/friends/fans!!! As promised, Here are YOUR 2 COLORING PAGES!!! DOWNLOAD/SAVE them from here, PRINT them out as many times as you want & keep on sharing the ♥ on our FB page... www.facebook.com/TULLAandKITS!!!

We are beyond thrilled that YOU are taking this journey with us!!! THANK YOU!!!

We lovely ALL our lovelies!!

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EKKK! While we weren't looking…

EKKK! while we weren't looking… our Facebook page has creeped dangerously close to our 200  "LIKES" mark!!! you know what that means!!! COLORING PAGES!!! hurry & go to https://www.facebook.com/TULLAandKITS..."LIKE" & share our page!!! let's start 2013 off right!!! let's ALL get TWO pages for all of our TWO hundred fans!!  N & G


We're in the SPOTLIGHT!

Through our publishing website, we are now even easier to find & share! And more importantly, all our future books will be able to be found in one spot... our SPOTLIGHT!!! http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/tullandkits We are currently brainstorming our next adventure but when we do wrap it up and make it pretty for all of you... this is the SPOT to find all The Curious Collection of Tulla & Kits series! Progress is so exciting!!! stay tuned!!!


Reading, Reading & More Reading!

we've been so busy reading our book! have you? we've been getting some amazing feedback... it is truly awesome to have our readers loving our characters & our story! If you've read it, tell us what you think... email your words to tulla.and.kits@gmail.com!!! If you haven't, order now & you'll be in for a treat!



We are so grateful for all of your love & support. For those who have ordered books & are starting to receive them in the mail, we are grateful that they are quickly becoming favorites in your households. Tulla & Kits have been in our lives for quite a while and it is truly thrilling to have our scruffy "lovelies" being so well received... so THANK YOU!!! we are still working our way to 200 fans on facebook for our giveaway!!! keep spreading the 

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TWO for TWO giveaway!

TWO pages for all of our TWO hundred fans on Facebook! Find us here: https://www.facebook.com/TULLAandKITS "like" our page and we will give gives all 200 fans access to two coloring book pages of our friends Tulla & Kits via this blog! It's a win win!

YOU make Tulla & Kits smile!!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! we just want to start off by saying thank you for sharing in our wonderful journey! we are very proud of our characters & the first of many books from our series The Curious Collection of Tulla & Kits!!! we have only been live since monday & we are already feeling the love... we are going to be using this blog to deliver some pretty fun giveaways & contests to promote The Compass to Caring & Sharing which is currently available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/nadine-mcdonald-and-gabrielle-howell/the-compass-of-caring-and-sharing/paperback/product-20019544.html 

We are looking forward to sharing with you & seeing you all enjoy this book as much as we've enjoyed making it!!!

thanks again... spread the 

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